Vikki & Mitch’s Story

Settled at New Cardington Fields

Mitch a firefighter from Milton Keynes, and his partner Vikki, working in the motor trade, were previously caught in the cycle of renting privately. Their desire to break free from the rental market and secure a place they could truly call their own led them on an inspiring journey into shared ownership.

When asked about their motivation to purchase a home, Mitch shared, “We decided we wanted to buy a home together about 12 months ago. Renting was becoming increasingly unsustainable, and we were eager to invest in our future.”

With a clear goal in mind, the couple explored various options and schemes. Given the current increases to the widely reported cost of living, Shared Ownership emerged as the most viable choice. Reflecting on their decision, Vikki explained, “Shared Ownership was the best option for us. We did consider other schemes and developments, but the Cypress house type at New Cardington Fields stood out, and we instantly fell in love with it.”

New Cardington Fields is set on the edge of the village of Cardington, just 3.5 miles from the vibrant town centre of Bedford and close to the famous Cardington Hangars.

Discovering the New Cardington Fields development proved to be a turning point for Mitch and Vikki. They diligently scoured various property portals, where they discovered the homes offered by Homemade Homes by Accent at New Cardington Fields. Intrigued by the concept of Shared Ownership, the couple was already well-informed about its benefits when they reached out.

“When we contacted the team at Homemade Homes by Accent, we were already relatively clued up regarding Shared Ownership. However, Homemade Homes by Accent provided us with valuable insights and guidance throughout the process,” said Mitch, expressing his appreciation for the support they received.

Now settled in their beautiful Shared Ownership home, Mitch and Vikki are eager to share their experience with others contemplating shared ownership: “save what you need to get on the ladder as soon as possible. The private rental market is daylight robbery just now!”

Our Shared Ownership homes provide an affordable and realistic path to homeownership, empowering individuals, and families to escape the grip of rental dependency.

If you, too, dream of owning a home but have been deterred by soaring housing costs, Homemade Homes by Accent welcomes you to explore the possibilities of Shared Ownership. Homemade Homes by Accent is the sales brand of Accent Housing, experts in Shared Ownership and with a range of beautifully designed properties and a supportive team ready to guide you through the process, your journey to homeownership starts now.