Arranging your mortgage

With so many mortgage lenders available, the task of speaking to lots of different banks and building societies could sound like a daunting prospect and maybe even a bit scary!

Don’t worry; there are specialists to help. We work with organisations that specialise in providing advice about Shared Ownership mortgages.

They offer advice on what you can afford and, importantly, sustain, as well as the many products and offers available. They also confirm what homes are affordable and the level of share you could purchase in your new home.

Please get in touch with one of the organisations below.

We require all of our purchasers to be assessed by Metro Finance, The Mortgage People, or  Expert Financial to confirm any purchase is affordable and sustainable. You are not obliged to apply for your mortgage through them.

Our Shared Ownership mortgage calculator

Not ready to speak with a mortgage broker? You can try our mortgage calculator to get an indication of monthly costs.