Buying with us

We are Homemade Homes. We're delighted that you are considering buying a home with us.

We have Shared Ownership homes across the country, from Surrey to Yorkshire and have helped hundreds of people fulfil their home ownership ambitions. We offer new and resale Shared Ownership homes as well as helping our current customers buy more of their home or sell it when they want to move on.

Shared Ownership is simple - you buy a share in your home that's right for you. That could be from 10% up to 75% initially. You'll pay a reduced rent to us on the share we own and a monthly service charge.

As your finances allow, you can buy further shares in your home as and when you choose, meaning you'll own more and pay less rent. Typically, you'll need a deposit that is 5% of the value of your share, rather than of the total property value, meaning you could get moving sooner than you thought.


Before you've decided to buy


During your purchase