Stevie & Luke’s Story

A dream deferred - a Shared Ownership success story

Stevie a Customer Service Advisor, and Luke, a Water Technician, were a couple with dreams of owning their own home. However, like many, they faced the challenges of rising living costs and the prospect of trying to buy a home amidst uncertainty.

At the time they decided to pursue Shared Ownership, Stevie and Luke were renting privately. Their experience likely contributed to their desire for stability and a place to call their own. The couple had attempted to purchase a house just before the onset of the cost-of-living crisis. Unfortunately, their offer fell through amidst the turmoil. They explored various options but found affordability to be a significant concern.

The couple had their eyes on our Mill View development in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, however, they decided to wait, only to find themselves disappointed when all available homes had been reserved. 

Luke explained “We were interested in the development even before the houses had been built but decided to wait for a few reasons”. Stevie added “We were disappointed we had waited, as all the houses had gone. Luckily, by some stroke of luck a friend noticed one home had come back on the market and we rushed to reserve it!”

Stevie had a basic understanding of Shared Ownership. She added “We understood the basics and we knew this would be our best option to purchase a brand-new house as a blank slate with little to no issues”.

Reflecting on their journey, Luke offered advice to others contemplating home ownership amidst challenging times. “I think there is always a reason not to do it but knowing you maybe have your forever home, even if it takes a while, will be so very worth it”.

Stevie & Luke’s journey reiterated the valuable resource offered with Shared Ownership, they found a pathway to homeownership that offered them security and hope for the future. Their story serves as inspiration for others facing similar challenges, showcasing the potential for success through perseverance and exploration of Government backed housing solutions.