Maddison & Daniel’s Story

Mum's advice rings true

Maddison and Daniel have successfully achieved their dream of homeownership through Shared Ownership, showcasing the accessible and affordable housing solutions offered by Homemade Homes by Accent.

Maddison is a National Account Executive, and Daniel works as a Town and Country Planner. With promising careers, they were determined to secure a home but faced challenges when exploring various housing schemes and incentives that pushed them outside their financial comfort zone.

“We looked into buying a property outright back in 2022 but felt we were being pressured into purchasing a property outside our financial means. We tried to use the Help to Buy loans and other incentives”, shared Maddison.

Their journey to homeownership became a rollercoaster of disappointments until they discovered Shared Ownership. This affordable housing solution opened doors they hadn’t explored before. The turning point came when Maddison’s mother, who had previously purchased a Shared Ownership house, encouraged them to explore this option. 

In the summer of 2023, they discovered a house through Homemade Homes by Accent that captured their hearts. They couldn’t act quickly enough,” bombarding the sales team with phone calls to ensure we didn’t miss out” Daniel said.

Maddison’s prior knowledge of Shared Ownership provided a foundation for their decision. She stated, “My mother purchased a Shared Ownership house when I was younger, so I knew a little bit about it. I knew it was a great opportunity for individuals who wanted to own their own home but were struggling to get on the property ladder. Shared ownership is not widely spoken about, and my partner didn’t know a lot about the scheme.”

Now, as proud Shared Ownership homeowners, Maddison and Daniel have some advice for those considering this path to homeownership: “Do it! Even if you just inquire, what do you have to lose? The sales team is friendly and helps you when you have any questions. They never give the impression that you’re annoying them with questions; they’re happy to take the time and get you your answers. The houses are high quality, and you don’t need to worry about hidden fees to upgrade flooring or something similar. We’re so excited to move into our new home and make it ours.”

Maddison and Daniel’s journey is a testament to the accessibility and advantages of Shared Ownership, demonstrating the possibility of achieving homeownership.