Getting approved to buy using Shared Ownership

We make it simple to check your eligibility and get approved to buy your new home with Shared Ownership.

A simple, quick financial assessment

To get your approval to purchase we need you to complete a financial assessment with one of our approved Mortgage Brokers.

We work with organisations who specialise in providing advice in relation to Shared Ownership mortgages.

You simply start the financial assessment online, letting them know which property you are interested in, and they’ll report your approval back to us.

They also confirm to us what homes are affordable to you and the level of share you could purchase in your new home. Please contact one of the organisations below.

Our mortgage calculator

This calculator will give you an indication of the repayments and deposit you will need for a Shared Ownership home. Please note these will only be approximate figures.

You should get independent financial advice to find out exact costs, as these will vary depending on your individual circumstances.