Selling Your Shared Ownership Home

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You may have outgrown your current home, need to relocate or need to sell your Shared Ownership home for another Reason.  We have a specialist team to help you sell your home.

A quick guide to selling your Shared Ownership home.

  1. Contact the Homemade Team and let them know you want to sell.
  2. We will check your lease. The lease will detail any nomination period. This is the period of time that we will market your home. It will also detail any fee we will charge for if we sell your home.
  3. An appointment is arranged for your home to be valued by a RICS  (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor) valuer. This will determine the current value of the property and your share.
  4. You place your home on the market. We will advertise your home on our website, Rightmove and contact prospective purchasers.
  5. Viewings are arranged by us. We will provide you with regular feedback.
  6. Once a sale is agreed, solicitors will be instructed by you and your purchaser.