Buying More Shares in Your Home (Staircasing)

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The process of buying more or the rest of your Shared Ownership home is referred to as staircasing.

Most Shared Ownership leases allow you to staircase up to 100%. There are some that are capped at 80%. This is normally in villages or rural areas, the 80% cap is to ensure there are Shared Ownership homes locally for future generations. You should ask when enquiring about a particular home.

A quick guide to staircasing:

  1. Contact the Homemade Team and let them know you wish to buy more shares in your home.
  2. We will check your lease to check you are able to purchase more shares.
  3. An appointment is arranged for your home to be valued by a RICS  (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor) valuer.
  4. Upon receipt of the valuation we will confirm to you, the current value of the property, the cost of any further shares and your new monthly rent.
  5. If you choose to proceed, we will formally offer you the shares and start the conveyancing process.
  6. Solicitors will be instructed by you and us.
  7. The transaction will complete and you will own the higher amount or, all of your home.